Secretly View Photos and Videos in the Phone of Your Teen Child

The quality of cameras in Smartphones inspires cellphone owners, especially the younger generation, to take photos every now and then. And with the advent of the “selfie” further supported by the launching of monopods, taking videos and photos is all the more addicting. You do not have to worry, even if your child does not want you to view the photos and videos stored in his cell phone, you can access them without his knowledge and suspicion. You can subscribe to a spy ware program intended for monitoring or spying Smartphones with iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems.
Adolescence is a very crucial period in the life of a child. This is a time when he becomes very tryst. And it is fearful if your teen boy turns to collect obscene photos and videos in his cellular phone. Your child will not even let you hold his cell phone and will claim his privacy. There is hope in being able to access his media files – via a phone tracker known as mSpy.

mSpy – view photos and videos feature

What is mSpy?
This is one of the tracking systems designed for the cellular phones. This enables you to monitor the activities of the owner of the tracked device. With this program you gain access to the text messages, calls, emails, instant messages, GPS location, social networking account, videos, photos and more other features. Spying is _ done and when installed, this software is hard to detect.
Your parental concern on your child is one of the main reasons for the installation of the software. You are extremely curious to view photos and videos in the phone of your son. The spy program just runs in the background so when you install it, your son will not detect. The program is password-protected; you control this so the app could not be deleted. As this is a Web-based app you are able to view any information contained therein – including the exclusive benefit to view photos and videos.

Multimedia photos in your child’s cellphone

In the act of spying on the photos, you are in front of your computer, viewing the images in the control panel. What you may view are all the photos that are stored in the monitored mobile phone. There is data as to when the photo was taken. You view the pictures from your control panel as mere thumbnails.
Your monitoring is part of your parental concern – a protective move to keep your son away from cyber bullies and from your son collecting obscene media files. The goal is achieved because of the spy software. And if you are a businessman you can also use the app to keep an eye on your suspicious employees. You will only have to take efforts to get hold of their cell phones to install the tracking program.

Video files in the cellphone

Your anxiety over X-rated media extends to videos. You are afraid that your son might get involved in downloading these, pass them to his friends and ultimately commit cybercrimes. The way to monitor videos is the same as spying on the photos. You view photos and videos through the control panel of your computer. You are able to access the videos taken, downloaded, received and stored in the cell phone. These include the dates of the videos. As you watch the video, you can check the content and be able to stop or even remove the bad ones.
To view photos and videos in the cellular phone of your son is possible and you can do it without his knowledge. You can make use of spy software such as mSpy. In the end you can make judgment if the media stored in your son’s mobile is a threat to cyber problems.