Can i track my daughters iphone 4s without her knowing?

I don’t want her to know I am able to track her iPhone. Is there software I can download and install on her phone that she won’t see ?

I know about something that can really come handy to you, Its called mSPY, It is a spyware app that can help you track your daughter and with it you can get to know with whom your daughter is meeting and chatting now a days.

mSPY is a app which once installed in iPhone 4S, it hides itself so that your daughter won’t see it and then it will transmit all the data online which you can view from your laptop. It allow you to track these things.

  • Track Your Daughter’s GPS location at realtime
  • Track all her Calls
  • Track Text Messages she sends and receives
  • Track your daughter’s Facebook | Whatsapp Account
  • Track the pictures your daughter clicks
  • Track her internet browsing history
  • and Much More..

What you just need to do is install mSPY once _ on her phone and this app will take care of the rest, mSPY is a paid app but considering your daughter’s future.. price you pay is nothing. Anyways, you can buy it for cheapest from the banner below.