Can i view someones bbm messages?

There are many spy application available in the market but none of them really works on blackberry, but after searching a lot I came across an app which allows you to spy on blackberry phone.

mSpy is an blackberry application which once installed in target phone allows you to spy on that phone, along with other features on of its feature allow you to spy on someone bbm messages, you can view his/her bbm messages.

Handling this app is very easy, what you just need to do is buy this app from the banner below at cheapest cost and once you have bought the app they will provide a link to download, once you have downloaded that app, Install it in the target blackberry phone and thats it.

Now this app will hide itself and transfer all bbm messages online to you mSPY account where you can view the log, along with the bbm message spy, some of its other features are.

  • GPS Location Tracker
  • Call Tap Spy
  • SMS | Skype | WhatsApp | Facebook Message Spy
  • View his Photos Clicked
  • Call History | Phonebook Spy