Can my company track/monitor my whatsapp conversations?

Are you using business phone and thinking of texting your family and friends with that phone, If would have been at your place I would never do that. Why?

Because of privacy. The business phone that company provides are fitted with spyware, Now spyware is an app which once fitted in someone’s phone all the person to view all his text and even whatsapp and other Instant messenger chats along with the chat the person can also track his location and hear call.

So If you will use your business phone then your Boss will know all your private info, he can also view all the photos you have clicked.. And the spyware which has been installed in that phone is very hard to detect so there is no chance for you to find it.

At the end I just want to say that if you want your private things to remain private then don’t use your business phone to text or call your friends and family.