How a Spy App Became a Remote Control; Know Its Uses as Such

The spy software has proved to render many benefits to both parents and company owners. Activities of people being monitored such as erring children, cheating spouses and disloyal employees that could be harmful to the home and business can be addressed. As the Smartphone is the medium to watch over your children, spouse and employees; it has to be safeguarded, including all the information stored in this device. What happens when the phone is lost or falls in the hands of unscrupulous elements? You can use your spy app as a remote control device to control the lost cellular phone.
The mSpy app for instance can be used to wipe out a command in the phone as well as lock the phone or acquire information about the state or condition of the phone. You can do all of these through the PC control panel which you manage and operate.

Turn spy ware into remote control and wipe out a command

There are features in the mSpy software that do not directly affect the spying function conducted on your family members and business. Although the remote control feature does not concern this aspect, this has effects on the security of the information contained in the monitored mobile phone. If this happens, it is paramount for mSpy to perform a remote control function from your control panel.
Why do you do the wipe out? You cannot discount the possibility that your monitored phone gets misplaced or lost. You execute a wipe out command in order to ensure that when the phone falls on the hand of bad elements, the bad people will not have access to the data stored in the phone.
As you try to wipe out a command installed in the phone, you have to take note that the action cannot be reversed, meaning that whatever command you have decided to wipe out can never be reinstalled. Thus, you should think twice before you do the wiping out so you have to consider the action in extreme emergency situation only.

Device locking and unlocking feature

Aside from wipe out command, you can exercise the lock or unlock functionality of the mSpy. You can make use of the remote control function of the mSpy to do this. In locking the cellular phone, sensitive data in the phone cannot be accessed whoever gets hold of the cellphone. Again, do this from the control panel of your computer.

All the vital info about the device

You do not only check and spy on the activities happening in the cellphone. You can also view more information about the target phone or computer tablet. You are able to check on the status of the phone’s battery. With this, you will know it turns off because of its flat condition. You will also detect, while watching your control panel if the phone is connected to the internet via cellular data plan or wifi.

Tracking remotely

As you make use of the remote control feature and focus on the mSpy control panel, you will be able to navigate on the dashboard to further keep track of the activities of the people you are monitoring. As you look at the control panel, you are aware that the phone and your loved ones are secured because of this feature. You can wipe out a command, lock or unlock the phone, and check on the phone’s physical and web connection status. With a click, a comprehensive report is delivered for your perusal.