How can i get my boyfriends text messages or voicemails sent to my email or phone?

Altogether you want to spy on your boyfriend’s text messages and voicemails. You want to know what message he sends and to whom he sends also what and from whom he receives. Anyways, There is trick to do this but for that you need to get secret access to your boyfriend and that too for once only.

So what you need to do is go and get the spying app then keep it with you on a microSD card or something, now when you get your boyfriend’s phone, _ install it in his phone, now you can sit back and enjoy.

Once installed, the app will hide itself and will run in background so that your boyfriend does not know that he is being spied now once his mobile connects to internet all his text messages and voicemails will be uploaded to mSPY which you can view by logging in to your account.

It is a paid app, but considering its features, the price you pay is just nothing.