How can i monitor other’s text messages for free??

The only way to do it for free is by looking at it from their cellphone other than that there is no way you can track it for free. but If you remove the free word here I have a most effective technique to monitor on your loved ones text message, for that you need to spend some money.

mSPY is a spy application which can help you in this.. Once you have bought this application for cheapest cost from the banner below, You can install it on their smartphone and thats it now this app will do everything for you.

Once Installed mSPY will remotely send all his text messages online where you can read them at realtime, along with that it will also send his GPS Location, Record Calls, Whatsapp Msg and even the photos clicked by him.

Considering the features the price of this app is very cheap and believe me you will not regret buying it.

You can download at mSpy.Com. hope this help!