How can i track a cell phone without installing software on target phone?

Found this question posted in a cellphone forum

I wnat to track a phone and dont have access to it to install software etc….can I send a text to them and receive access to their locations etc…?

Let me tell you that this thing is simply impossible you just cannot track a cellphone without installing an app in it, You have to install something in the target phone so that the app itself can transmit data online to help you track the phone.

Some phone has factory functionality allowing to track phone, Like FindMyPhone in iPhone and other apple devices but that too need to be activated and registered first.

Anyways, When it comes to an app you can take a look at mSPY which is really the best app available to track any phone but as I said above you really need to install it in the target phone first and then only it will be able to work.

You can download at mSpy.Com. hope this help!