How can I track my boyfriends blackberry without him knowing?

Tracking a blackberry phone can be difficult as there are only few spyware apps which supports blackberry and one which supports does not provide high level of tracking, Anyways I can help you here.

There is an app called mSPY which can be used to track a blackberry phone (in your case, your boyfriend’s blackberry). So what you need to do is.

  1. Go to and get the app
  2. Download It, And install it _ on your boyfriend’s blackberry phone.
  3. Login to Your mSPY account and track his Blackberry LIVE

Yes you heard it right mSPY allows you to track any smartphone live, you can view all his movement live from your computer.

Feature wise, mSPY is the best of tracking app. With it you can track your Boyfriend’s Calls, Chats, Texts, Location, Photos|Videos, Internet browsing history and much more.