How can I view cell phone text messages

I am assuming that you want to view someone else’s cellphone text messages. and if it is so then I can help you here. What you just need is a tracking app called mSPY.

What you need to do is install mSPY on their phone and then leave everything else on the app itself. It will hide itself and become undetectable, Now once the phone is connected to internet it will _ transmit all the text messages to your laptop, which you can view anytime you want.

mSPY works live, It means that everything will be updated at realtime which you can view anytime remotely from your computer. Other than text messages mspy also allows you to view other things like photos, videos, chats, location, it also allows you to hear calls present in the phone.

mSPY is a paid app but considering the functionality, Price you pay is just nothing. Anyways, This app is very cheap and you can get it for even cheapest from the banner below.

You can download _ at mSpy.Com. hope this help!