How to Access Calendar and Address Book in Someone Else’s Phone

If you had been following the astonishing developments in technology, especially those that pertain to mobile phones, you are already aware that you can spy on the text messages, calls and internet use. Monitoring the whereabouts of a phone user is already a thing in the current society. But have you had the knowledge that you can also spy on some other features of the cellular phone? Have you known that you can access calendar and address book in somebody else’s cell phone?
Indeed you can and the way to do this is just the same as doing your undercover activities to check the text messages and calls in the mobile phone of your spouse, children and employees. Installing spy software such as mSpy on the cell phones of these people will enable you to see what goes in and out of the cellular phone. Thus, if you have suspicion on anomalous activities of your staff – or even your husband, now is the time to prove your hunch.
There are spy apps available in the internet market but as the internet is also the home of unscrupulous scammers, you have to detect which is the real thing. Many had used mSpy and they are happy to disprove or prove their suspicion. Since you already have spied on the calls and text messages, explore more on the other features of the program. Why not access calendar and address book?

Why is there a need to access calendar and address book of individuals?

Many users of cell phones are not so concerned about the calendar and address book in the cellular phones of their children, spouse and employees. When you access the calendar and address book; you might discover that the one you had been spying has some hidden agenda kept in the calendar. The address book may contain the names and numbers of their contacts in executing their secret activities.

Spy apps and phone compatibility

If you have not yet tried using the spy software, you will find it easy to use. All features will be installed in your monitored phone provided it is compatible to mSpy. These are Smartphones with iOS and Android OS. Compatible brands are iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry and some Nokia models. Check if your phone is compatible with the software otherwise you will be frustrated – you cannot spy on the text messages, call and neither can you access calendar and address book.

About calendar activities and address book

Concentrating on how to access calendar and address book, here are the salient points of the mSpy. Concentrate on the control panel of your monitoring computer. It is here that you can view the information gotten from the cell phone’s usage and activity. You will find here all the entry’s in the calendar of the spied cell phone. You can see details of any scheduled meeting as well as the results of the meeting, if recorded by the cell phone user. Due to any record and progress of meetings, you will find out for yourself if the person using the phone is going against you or not.
On the same very useful PC control panel, you will be able to see all the names saved in the address book, with their respective phone numbers. If stored in the phone book, you will also see the person’s email address, mailing address, position or designation and other information that are inputs in the address book. Knowing all these, it would be easy for you to further track down activities.
Suspicious names and number in the phone book as well as planned events and activities saved in the phone can be spied with the use of spy software such as mSpy. As long as you can get hold of the cellphone, you can _ install the app to do the espionage. You can access calendar and address book. You do not have to worry about being caught, unless you tell the monitored subject, it would be very difficult to discover the installed spy app. It is very discreet.