How to Get WhatsApp Remote Access

WhatsApp is a popular smartphone instant messenger used to share text messages, pictures, videos and voice notes. The popularity of WhatsApp means that a lot of people use it for more than just social activities. There are young kids, spouses and even employees that use this messenger. With all these users, sometimes it is necessary to keep an eye on other people’s interactions through WhatsApp remote access.

How to remotely access WhatsApp 

If you feel the need for WhatsApp remote access, the mspy app from can help you achieve your needs. This app is a spying app that can be used to access another person’s WhatsApp messenger remotely. The app presents an easy to use interface that allows you access to both WhatsApp messages and instant notifications. According to the mspy website, the app can be used in three easy steps.

1. Buy the app:

Log on to and you can purchase the plan that you prefer. There are three payment plans: Basic, Premium and Business. Depending on your needs, choose a plan then wait for your payment to be processed.

2. Install and set up

Once you receive payment confirmation, you can then download the app and install it on the device whose WhatsApp installation you wish to access remotely. Before downloading, you should check compatibility with the target phone to make sure that it will work as some phones require root access or jail breaking before installation.

3.Start remote access

Once the app is installed and working on the target device, you can then use the mspy control panel to initiate whatsapp remote access to the messages and instant notifications of the target device.

Before using mspy app, you should know that accessing another person’s devices without their consent can result in legal action against you. As such, mspy should be used only if this is a risk you are willing to take, or where the owner of the target device has agreed to have their device remotely accessed.