How to know the gmail password of other person

This thing is complicated and comes under ethical hacking. Many of us thinks that its really hard to hack someones account and know their gmail password but believe me its really easy to know someone gmail password all you need is excess to his mobile phone and you are good to go. So here is what you need to do.

Get access to the smartphone of the target person and install mSPY in it. mSPY, its a key logger app what it does is once you install it in someone’s phone it gives you a log of each and every key pressed in their mobile phone and that each and every keystroke also includes their gmail password. With this technique you can not only get his gmail password but anything you want.

mSPY is a feature rich tracking app, once installed in the target phone it allows you to spy on anything. like their location, calls, text messages, facebook ,chats, whatsapp or  anything.

It is a paid app but considering its features the price you pay is just nothing. Anyways, You can get it for the cheapest if you get it from the banner below. You can download _ at mSpy.Com. hope this help!