How to spy on Whatsapp messages android

There are many spy app that you will find but an app that can let you spy on WhatsApp message on android phone is not at all common. Anyways, I can solve your problem as I know about an android app which allows you to do exactly what is written above.

mSPY is a spy app which once installed in the target phone allows you get all the data from the cell phone to your laptop or cell phone and that all data also includes WhatsApp messages. along with it you can spy on calls, texts, location and even view their pics, videos and internet browsing history.

What you just need to do install this app on their phone and then the app itself will hide and transmit all the data which you can view on your computer at realtime.

mSPY is not a free app but the best part is that its extremely cheap.

You can download _ at mSpy.Com. hope this help!