I need to track text messages on another persons phone

Basically you want to spy on someone’s text messages and to do that you need access to their phone, Once you have got access to their phone you can install spyware on their phone, and rest you can leave everything on it.

mSPY is a app which once installed in someone’s phone allow to track text messages in it and that too without letting them know because mSPY itself will hide itself becoming 100% undetectable.

What you just need to do is install mSPY _ on the person’s phone and you can get access to all of the content of the phone.

  • Track Calls
  • Track Text
  • Track All Instant Messanger
  • Track Photos | Videos
  • Track Internet Browsing History
  • Track Call logs | Phonebook

mSPY is a paid app you can get at mSPY.com