I want to read text and record phone calls from my husbands cell phone.

Was roaming around the net and found this

I want to record phone calls from my husband’s phone, he keeps it to close for me to check myself? When I ask him to let me see his phone he wants to know why and then accuses me thinking he is cheating. Of course this starts an argument but he is to private with it but I allow him mine any time he wants.

This is problem with everyone, you just can’t check it directly. You need help of an app that allows you track calls and texts remotely from your computer, and fortunately there is an app for that

mSPY once installed in someone’s phone not only allows you to read text and record calls but with it you can also track location, chats and even view photos.

What you just need to do is install it _ on your husband’s phone, and the app itself will do the rest. You can view everything remotely from your computer.

You can get at mSpy.Com. hope this help!