keylogger Freeware for iphone no jailbreak ?

Everyone know what is a key logger, anyways to refresh your memory let me tell you.. Keylogger is an app that creates a log of the keys pressed and send them to the installer basically it is used to spy on someone. and it is quite effective method of spying on someone.

So let me tell you that there is no way you can install a key logger on an *Unjailbreaked* iPhone and that too for free,What you need is a jailbreaked target iPhone and some money in your pocket and everything else mSPY will handle.

mSPY is a spying app which once installed in the target phone can track everything out of his phone.

Quick Features List:
• Track Phone Location
• Read Phone SMS Remotely
iMessages and Whatsapp messages tracking
• Read Phone Contacts
• See Call History
• Track Internet Browsing History
• See All Photos Captured
• Record Apps Usage
• Auto Answer ( Spy Call )
• Back Up & Download CSV
• Free Update
• 100% Undetectable

And MORE……………

You can download _ at mSpy.Com. hope this help!