The Definition of Spy Dial

Spy dial from spy is a great feature when it comes to a user who’s is careful about his/her interactions with mobile phones. It is a feature that enables one to identify cell phone numbers that are not known to the user. Its simplicity and ease to use is the ideal solution when it comes to this particular need. Those that question the legality; the platform is legal because it doesn’t spook the owner of the number but instead it brings about the identity of the owner.
This is an ideal solution because many people are not comfortable when it comes to picking up numbers that they don’t have the knowledge of.

How does the spy dial work

The spy dial works by placing a call that is direct to voicemail messaged categorized as outgoing.This is for the number that the user doesn’t have any knowledge of. The preceding step is that it is recorded and followed by it being played back again.
This particular action will prompt the owner of the number to identify himself. This is done through the voicemail message, and it is through this way that the spy dial will be able to identify the owner of the phone number. This exercise is not 100 percent when it comes to assuring that one will be able to identify the unidentified number.

What makes it not perfect

spy dial
There are factors that are associated in not making this particular process not a 100 percent process. Even if this is the case, the feature is very reliable however many variables deter it from working to the fullest potential. One variable is that the said phone must have been disconnected hence deterring the feature from undertaking its form of actions.
Another variable is that the phone may be in a forwarding or busy mode and interacting with another phone. Other users don’t have voicemail messages to their phones hence making it impossible for the feature to identify the owner.

Coverage of spy dial

Spy dial is identified to work only with cell phones hence when it comes to landlines that are not supported. In terms of how many times the feature can do its particular function on the same number is very crucial. This is to ensure that the software doesn’t participate in any form of harassment that is chargeable in the court of law. It is due to this case that the software features cache where successful results are stored. Any prompts that are made on a number then the results are outsourced from the cache with no need to go through the normal process.
It is from this technology that many have found it very helpful when it comes to ensuring that one doesn’t have to call an unknown number to know who it is. The feature is offered as part of the mSpy package hence one gets all the services as part of the package.