Viber Messages and Calls in Android Phones – Track Them All

Have you already installed Viber in your cellphone? This is like iMessage but has more users because unlike iMessage that can only be used for Apple devices, Viber is compatible with Android mobile phones. This is more like Skype in this respect. This app is not very restrictive in its users.
The patronage to instant messaging has increased and still is in the upward trend. With the cost of SMS or text messaging, you spend a significant amount when you are a frequent text message sender. But being less expensive than phone calls, the SMS is highly favored. This is common knowledge. Now, there is even a least expensive method of communication. If you have internet or are in the wifi zone or have a data plan, Skype and Viber are the costless ways.

Viber has free text messaging and call capabilities

Using this app is cost-free. But if you want more enhanced features, you have to pay some amount. Even if you only use the free incentives, you may already be satisfied with this package. Installed in your iOS or Android phone, you will have a violet or purple icon with telephone and wifi image. You will easily know then if the person you want to spy has this account. Look in the home screen if there is this purple icon. The app has free text messaging and call capabilities. You call and send messages within the same state or internationally. You can imagine how much the user is saving.

The mSpy is availed with subscription plan

The use of mSpy is not free. You have to subscribe to its use. How long do you want to be on the spy mode? You can set up your subscription to conform to this duration. If you believe you have a need for more time in spying, you might as well go for a three, six or one year subscription. You will be enjoying good discount and savings by having a longer contract. And if you are not satisfied with the service, there is money back guarantee. But per experience, this privilege is not availed by the users. This means customer satisfaction. You can check the rate of subscription by logging on to mSpy website.

Using mSpy to tract an account

The mSpy mobile tracking service allows you to do a number of things. The app makes use of call and text messaging. Thus with the spy app, you can view the details of the free calls as well as the sent and received messages. What works for Skype also works for Viber so you will not have any problem if you are spying on a person who uses the latter more.
If you have previously used mSpy to track down on the Skype usages of another person, you will discern that the spying benefits for both are the same. For instance, you view all the incoming and outgoing messages through your computer’s control panel. Recorded are the exact words in the messages, the sender or the receiver in case your message comes from the tracked phone and the date. Taking a closer look, you will be able to count how many messages were exchanged with a particular person. If there are photos sent through the account, you can also view these. Furthermore, as this app allows for group chat, you can view the logs of the group conversation.
One thing that will make the mSpy useful is that aside from Viber, you can use it in all the different communication software installed in the monitored phone. Among these are text messages, calls. Skype and even the social networking sites like Facebook. You have diverse mSpy functions and that will make your subscription worth the fee you pay for.