Way to Spy on Cell Phone for Free

mSpy is a new powerful mobile monitoring software.It is very reliable and the most user friendly app allowing you to monitor your child or that employee you don’t trust.It is the easiest way to spy on cell phone free. The application boasts a very wide range of features. All of the stuff you track ranging from incoming calls to internet usage are stored in your secure online account for viewing later.

All you need to install mSpy in around 10 minutes with the users phone.It works in stealth mode and no pop ups or sound notifications are produced.It sends information to your account using the devices internet connection and updates itself automatically.Some of the stuff you can be able to do using mSpy include…

1.Monitor the time and duration of incoming and outgoing calls,set it up to record calls from a certain number,restrict incoming calls.
2.View all sent and received texts and multimedia messages.
3.Check the actual GPS location of your target phone.See if your child or employee is lying about where they are.
4.Monitor the internet usage of the user,see all the sites they have visited.
5.Read all the emails sent and received by the user.It can help you protect your children from internet predators.
6.Record activity in applications such as Whatsapp,Viber,iMessage and from social networks.
7.Check their calendar,contacts in the address book.
8.Use it as a bug to hear whats going on when you are not around.
9.You can use it to remotely erase data if the target phone is stolen.
10.Every time the user takes a photo or video,it is uploaded for you to view.

All this stuff sounds illegal.So is this legal?Yes it is though you are required to notify the user that they are being monitored.mSpy is completely undetectable, the user wont be able to uninstall the app because it is shown as a system file.mSpy also has a stellar 24/7 customer care service for any issues arising.

mSPY is a paid app but its extremely cheap. You can download at mSpy.Com.