Widespread Use of Spy Tracker, Also Used to Monitor Internet Use

Spying does not necessarily connote lack of trust. You check on your children because you want to protect them and you do not want them to do something dangerous to their well-being. Often times, you are handicapped in sheltering them because you are not with them 24/7. They are too hooked to the internet and knowing the prevalence of cyber space crimes, you fear their possible involvement in this. You can have peace of mind if you are able to monitor internet use of the kids. You can do this effectively with spy software like mSpy.
With the app what things can you do as far as internet monitoring is concerned? Browsing history of internet usage, checking their bookmarked sites and blocking undesirable websites are among the things that you can do. However, you can only monitor internet use if you are able to install the spy software in their computing device such as Smartphone. You are allowed to do this legally if your child is a minor and even if he is of age, you can still _ monitor his internet use. The installation process is fast so having access to his mobile phone you can install mSpy without hassle. And he may not even know it because the software does not leave any trace of its existence in his phone.

Browse history to monitor internet use

As far as ways to monitor internet use of children, browsing history of being online is allowed. What data do you get from this? It will show all the internet activities that took place and are taking place in the browser of the device or cell phone. It will present a record of all the websites clicked and visited and you can view them in your computer’s control panel. If you are not familiar with the website, you can also click it to see what it contains. The URLs of the sites are recorded so it is easy to trace. Moreover, you will be informed on the number of times the site was visited as well as the date and time of visit.

Check the website bookmarked by your kids

Here is an explanation of what bookmark is in the context of the internet. This is a URL (Unified Resource Identifier) representing a website that is often visited. The site is bookmarked so that it can be accessed fast and easy. You can think of it as a reserved shortcut of a favorite web location.
With the mSpy, you will have a glimpse of the browser of your kid’s mobile phone. If there are bookmarked sites, you will see them as well as the URLs of these favorite websites. The report of mSpy will include the information on the number of times the site was opened. You can analyze this report via your PC’s control panel.

Do your own internet surfing and block harmful sites

The third function that you can probably appreciate most when you monitor internet use made by your child is your privilege to block undesirable websites. If you find a website in the mSpy report that you deem to contain unfit content for your child, you are allowed to block it. This means that you can filter access to it. You may block some contents but still allow for parts that are not contrary to good morals. If you allow access to a site subject to your monitoring, you can specify that time. Outside of your set-up time, your child cannot open the site. So in essence, you can closely guard the kid while going around the site.
When your child is too engrossed in online activities, you can monitor internet use of said kid through the use of spy application. Three things that you are allowed to do are browsing of internet history, checking on the bookmarked sites and blocking sites you do not want them to explore.